How To Use Online Business Marketing

Online business marketing is an essential practice for any business wanting to make an impression on the online market and gain a competitive edge in their industry. Why? Because the Internet is the first place people go to search for products or services. It’s the first place they go when they need to fix a problem and with search engines like Google overflowing with sites willing to solve those problems, you need to make sure your business is in the game.

Highly successful online business marketing can be a tricky business, but you should utilise (at the very least) some basic and fundamental tools to give your business a boost in online credibility and to ensure you attract more customers.

Firstly, and arguably most importantly, you should have a business website to underpin an online business marketing system. And the more engaging and organised, the better. No one wants to click through to a website that is all graphics or huge blocks of text. You must balance out these components in a way that accentuates the benefits of your brand and how you can help your prospective customers. You need enticing content copy, appealing website design, and a strong brand image to successfully communicate how you can solve your customers’ problems and gain their trust. Particularly in the case of businesses that sell products rather than services, it is absolutely essential that you have e-commerce capabilities enabled on your website. People are looking for reasons not to buy, so the harder you make it for them to buy your products or enquire about your services, the quicker they are going to leave your site and go elsewhere. Make the purchase process easy.

After you have established an engaging website, you should find out more about search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics. Using SEO, you can direct people who are searching for products and services relevant to your business through to your website. You need to identify the most frequently searched keywords that you could use for your business so your website will rank higher in search results. The higher your ranking, the more likely people are to click through to your site first – and ranking higher gains you increased business credibility. Other traffic generating tools are also available to drive prospects to your business.

You’ll find that many of your prospects are interested in enquiring, but are not quite ready to buy just yet. But don’t fear, this is the perfect situation to utilise lead nurturing techniques. Often, the majority of your sales will come from prospects who have thought about buying from you for a while, but just haven’t taken the plunge. Lead nurturing allows you to build up a rapport with these people and gain their trust so that, when they need products and services that you offer, your business will be their first choice. In this instance, you can provide them with ongoing useful information, events, discounts, and other special offers that will gain their trust and loyalty. When it comes to buying time, they are more likely to recruit your services over another, more alien company.

Your most important business asset is your USP – your unique selling proposition. Your USP identifies what your business can offer potential customers and how you can solve their problems. If you can market your business successfully and effectively convey how your products or services will make your audience’s lives better, you’ll have a strong foundation for an online business marketing system.

Eco Business

Eco Business is an enterprise that strives to have no negative impacts on the environment. Eco businesses are considered ecologically friendly if their business has satisfied the following four criteria. The business should be sustainable, their products and services should be environment friendly, their procedures and standards should be green and the business should make a commitment to preserve and care for the environment. These businesses produce their products and services in an environment friendly way but still have profits. It is like taking care of their present generation without compromising the needs of the generations to come.

There are many Eco businesses that are now venturing in the market. These businesses are not just for profit but they also spread awareness and concern towards the environment. EcoBiz is a program that certifies a business’s standards. It is a program that recognizes enterprises that has high environmental standards which are making their individual efforts to minimize air and water pollution and their solid wastes. In this way more and more people are encouraged to use eco friendly ways and utilize green products. When thinking of Eco business, the first thing that comes to mind is recycling, this maybe recycling of paper, equipments and other objects that are always considered as waste. These wastes are transformed into products that are usable and the same time artistic. Going paperless is also a very common business.

Mark Spellun editor of Plenty magazine has released many articles and issues about eco business. It has released tips on how to make a certain business eco friendly and still maintain profits. According to Mark Spellun carbon offsetting or paying for one’s carbon sin is a booming business. This is a kind of business where in the consumers set aside a certain percent or amount of money to go to environment restoration efforts like tree planting and recycling. Many businesses see this as way to offset their carbon emissions while still maintaining their normal lifestyle. However some environmentalist says that this is just a quick fix for heavy consumers, it only gives a false idea that the person is contributing to restoration efforts which is not the case. The developing countries are still paying more from the over production of carbon emissions of much developed countries. Nowadays, developed countries uses a scheme where in they will pay developing countries to plant trees so as to atone their carbon usage. This is a way to help the environment and at the same time help the developing countries to improve their way of living.

Eco business should be an enterprise that does not only profit but it should also promote the use of eco friendly products and services. Today, Mark Spellun says that people are becoming more aware of the changes in the environment and what it could do to them which make them want to support green efforts and businesses. According to surveys, 70% of the population is willing to pay for their carbon emission which is a good indicator of putting up an eco business.

Business Valuation and Divorce

Your Fair Share: Divorce and Your Family’s Business

Divorce is not always easy, and most people are not excited at the amount of legal work, battling, negotiating, and paperwork required as well as the division of assets. Couple that with hours spent inside a small room with your soon-to-be ex-spouse and you got yourself a real headache. A lot of people rush through the process for different reasons. Some simply want to get it over with to escape their spouse while others because they want to remarry the following day. However, the entire divorce process should be taken slow, especially if you have a family business which always complicates the legal proceedings.

A family business will not halt your divorce but it can really slow it down. For one reason, you should never allow your spouse, yourself or even your most trusted certified public accountant to compute for the value of your business. This is something that only a professional appraiser should complete because the value of your business is very complicated with numerous valuation elements that make up the complete value of your business.

It is generally easier to divide other conjugal assets during divorce like your car, house and pets. You always have your receipt that would tell you exactly how much these are worth (except for your pet because of the ‘emotional value’ attached to it). With businesses, however, valuation is important because you, your spouse and even your CPA may not have the right perspective or accurate picture on how much your business is worth. For instance, your spouse may undervalue your business (accidentally or for a devious reasons) and you, who just want the process to move as quickly as possible, accept the price of the business worth in haste. How would you feel if after a year or two, your spouse sells the business for triple the price?

You and your spouse may even try to be very objective in determining the price of the business, but only a professional business appraiser will know how much your business will be worth in the future. Of course, they have the proper training, skills and business foresight that can significantly help you determine how much your company is actually worth.

Divorce is, indeed, a tedious process but when it involves a family business, you can’t do it hastily. You must to be patient and yes, you must endure long hours with the person that you are trying to escape in the first place, but in the end, you know that you will start your new life with a true fair share of your business, and that is one element you will never regret.